The cigarrete pack of the future

Why choose JEM?

The dominant charger of choice in portability, ergonomics, and convenience.


The design speaks for itself from its carefully thought out proportions to its carefully angled corners, JEM is a product that looks different.


The design fits comfortably in the hand. The user's elecronic ciggarette is easy to slide in and out because of JEM's carefully designed thumb mechanism.

High Power Storage

With JEM, rest assured you will have more than enough charge for your electronic cigarrete on the go. JEM can charge an electronic cigarrete five times over on a full charge.


The JEM is very slim, with no wasted space internally. JEM is approximately 3 electronic cigarretes thick.


Our device is designed to be easy, no reading is required in order to use it out of the box.

Room For Growth

Our future product JEM PRO will have smart phone tethering, which will give analytics on electronic cigarrete smoking frequency.

We are the ones making JEM for you.

Meet Our Team

Our team is currently comprised of 2 members who each take on multiple intersecting roles.

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Michael Franusich


Michael designed the JEM, from the electronics in the interior to the design of the exterior.

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Jacob Hoffman


Jacob designed the company website. Jacob also designs the interior electronics of the JEM and the computer sales systems.

Let's work together

Contact JEM

Click the below button to be directed to send us an email at, or contact us by phone at 347-209-2325.